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How can I know if my company can implement a Lean System?
Regardless of its origin and history, a company that wants to be more productive and competitive in a sustainable way can work in a Lean System.

Any business involving customers, products, services and processes is likely to be able to apply the Lean philosophy and efficiently use Lean tools.
Why every day more companies want to be Lean?
The Lean Philosophy is designed for businesses on highly competitive sectors, where excellence is key to survival. It is based on four pillars:
  • Approach to business (profitability)
  • Customer Focus (search value)
  • Focus people (participation and motivation of the workforce)
  • Continuous improvement (continuous adaptation to internal / external conditions)
What are the steps to implement Lean in my company?
We propose a two-way approach to implementation:
  • top to bottom with the development of a strategic plan (Hoshin and Scorecard and KPI that define the training plan milestones and project team
  • bottom-up with the formation of the autonomous teams in the operational tools and the implementation thereof.
The intermediate levels have a crucial role in the project, will work with Value Stream Maps and Scorecards to align philosophy and execution.
How long it takes to implement a Lean project?
 As expected, it depends on ....

It depends on the characteristics of the company, the variability and complexity of the processes involved and the personnel structure. Defining the time the project is diagnostic output that we made in your company. This is shown as a detailed plan with:
The initial business situation (Current VSM)
The future situation (Future VSM)
The strategic plan to move Current to Future (Hoshin)
The implementation plan (training and development tools)
Project costs
If my company is in service sector, what I can apply the Lean philosophy?
Lean aims to achieve maximum productivity with zero errors, identifying and eliminating tasks and processes that consume resources and doesn't generate value to the customer.

Waiting times, not updated documentation, incorrect data, billing errors, communication problems... They are the result of non-standardized processes, complex procedures that cause inefficient processes.

Lean is applied with great success in business services, hotels, financial, health sector, public administration.
What is Lean Healthcare?
Lean Healthcare consist of the implementation of Lean philosophy applied to the health sector, especially in hospitals and health care centers. Completely patient-centered, focusing on the elimination of all activities that do not create value (waiting time, administrative errors, unnecessary tests ...) and optimizing flows of activity (health, administration, materials, equipment, space, etc.) creating an optimized and able continuous improvement care process.

The potential of this philosophy is massive, as it has been shown to lead to excellent results for improving patient service and the implementation of continuous improvement activities both in care and not care processes.